Saturday, September 03, 2005

Wednesday 3:00 a.m Perspective
Nagoya is very quiet, empty even

Dedicated to the Cho-Cho san that exists
in all women, West, East, North or South
All the beautiful Madam Butterflies who
wait, patiently.

the comfort woman She/she

She is there, waiting and
an environment, an atmosphere
for those in need of brief respite
from the world, the now
the here

but this one's special
and all can see
She's not there for them
the needy masses
She exists only for He

but because He
is a he
there's a certain ignorance
(a dash of arrogance?)
in the presence
of she who is She

a lack of deeper understanding
of the depth and scope of passioned
sensitivity carried

by her
for him

She, creating
an environment, an atmosphere
of solitude, understanding his need
to escape the world in which He lives

the bed is warm
(not conjugal, that's not her destiny)
the cup of tea
oh calm perfection, thinks He
in her oasis, sweet tranquility


she looks later at the bedclothes
crisp linen now gone limp
the teacup on the table
only dregs to offer memory
of the figure
of he who is He

The sheets are straightened
tea leaves drained from the cold
cup that once held comfort
her gift of solitude now long forgotten

because He needs
a brief respite, an environment
an atmosphere not created

for him
by her

And all can see
He needs to be
in a place
where there is

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Johni (aka mr juls) said...

Hi Sarah, you bring a unique and refreshing taste, a blend of east meets west vibrating with sun filled energy, a fantastic perspective on a culture that once was draped in mystique, thanks for sharing a poetic slice of life.