Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Nagoya Friday Night Perspective

Shrouds Shrugged Off
Shrouds Which Remain

Here sit I
a fly
on the wall
silent witness
to thoughts which
normally remain unsaid
behind a shroud of
Political Correctness
when in the West

The voyage East
to the Land of Mystery
the shroud shrugged off
(sometimes with hesitance)
as the Newcomer
his rusty sexist lexicon
a shy glance here, there
and then declares
"Look at That One!
I'd fuck her in a Flash!"

he then smiles as his comrades
expatriates young and old
give Newcomer a fraternal
Slap! on the back and reinforce
his stance with a
"Fucking Right! I'd give it to her

As the girl they are referring to
blinks "Clink Clink" and smiles knowing,
understanding the words the
but letting the shade and colour
of her skin, the shape of her eye
shroud her in feigned

I've travelled not East but
back in time


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