Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Reminiscence of Summer Blues to a Red Autumn Beat

A drooping flower
Head bent in defeat
overbearing, oppressive heat

The summer sun
down on me
my head the surface
on which the unforgiving
rays of solar energy
belt out their
summertime riff

as lazy black and yellow
keep the time
that neverending beat
Bop bopping around
the listless drooping flower
that is me

Summertime blues
my July August identity
head still bent
in defeat

Oh please
I beg that yellow orb
so circular and infinite
Cease, Cease grant me


My Autumn self
lazes, gazes
stretching limbs and breathing deep
the crispness in the air

a timpani
Resounding for all
to hear

Fall air is wisdom, knowledge
books cracked open, pens gliding
over crisp white paper
telling stories, rhymes and myth
of summertimes past
that no longer exist

For Autumn is here
her glory unfolding
oranges yellows fiery reds
my head
held high to see and breathe
and feel at long last
a sensation
that is truly

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